180706_1623654224665_8056613_nHi, my name is Elora and I was diagnosed as bipolar last year. My whole adult life has been a mental struggle, so I went to do Ayahuasca at a retreat called Dreamglade in the Peruvian Amazon in December of last year and it vastly shifted my perspective.

My old blog was called Bipolar Beastie, but upon returning I didn’t want to put myself in the box of the bipolar “label.” There has been a lot of work I’ve been doing myself over the past couple years that I would love to share…so I’ve shifted the focus of my blog to healing. My hope is that, through sharing personal stories and methods of coping that I have come up with, I can help at least one person out there feel less alone.

Sometimes I wouldn’t say that I’m functioning, but other times it’s not so bad. Such is the duality of existence. It’s so hard to deal with… but we might as well deal with it together. Because sometimes it really sucks to be human, and other times it’s the best thing in the world.